How Stanislava Gusakova was tried?

How Stanislava Gusakova was tried?

Stanislava Gusakova – Member of the Board of the Belarusian National Youth Council “RADA” in 2017-2019, Head of the executive bureau of the Assembly of NGOs.

She was detained at home in Minsk on September 7, 2020, around 1 pm.

The arrest was carried out by four: a man in civilian clothes and three men in camouflage uniforms and balaclavas. They did not introduce themselves, they did not show their documents. Stasya was put in a minbus and taken to the Moscow District police department. After the arrest, a police search was carried out in her apartment: computer, telephone, and flash drives were seized.

Presumably, Stasya was taken to Akrestino isolator, where she spent a day.


The court is scheduled for 08.09.2020. Previously, Stasya is charged with part 1 art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violation of the procedure for organizing or holding mass events).

The trial of Stanislava Gusakova began at 17.15 on 09/08/2020 and lasted 30 minutes.

Court decision: send the case materials for revision. Leave Stanislava in custody for 72 hours.

Chronicle of the trial

Moscow District Court of Minsk.
Judge Tatiana Yaroslavovna Motyl.
The court clerk was not presented.
Lawyer Yakovleva Veronika Dmitrievna.
Stanislava Gusakova participates in the meeting via Skype, is in the detention center at Akrestino.

The meeting has begun. Everyone was allowed into the court hall.
The judge interrogates Stanislava Gusakova. (Name, address)
The lawyer was admitted.
The lawyer asks to talk to her client individually for 15 minutes.
A break of 10-15 minutes was announced.
The meeting continues.

The judge reads the offense:
Stanislava Gusakova in a telegram chat posted information about the place and time of the mass event – the women’s march “Freedom. Equality. Sisterhood ”, which took place on August 29, before the agreement with the Minsk City Executive Committee, which violated the procedure for organizing or holding mass events in the Republic of Belarus.
Stanislava admits that she posted information about the march before agreeing with the Minsk City Executive Committee. She did not participate in organizing the march itself. At the time of reposting this message, she did not realize that the event was not coordinated with the authorities.
Judge: Did you copy the information about the march from another source?
Stanislava: I don’t remember.
The lawyer asks questions.
Stanislava: I have not checked the information about the march. I have not personally applied to the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The court makes a decision to return the case to eliminate the shortcomings to the body that sent it to the court for consideration (police department of the Moskovsky district of Minsk). To keep in power the custody (for up to 72 hours).

The meeting is closed.


The trial begins at 14:58 and lasts 22 minutes.

Preliminary, Stanislava is charged with part 1 art. 23.34 of Administrative Codex (violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events). A day after the court session on 08.09.20 Stanislava spent in Akrestina detention center.

A lawyer is not present at the 09.09.20 hearing, as she is at the hearing on another case.

There are about 12 people in the room. Her husband with a motion to call a lawyer is not allowed in the courtroom. The whole process begins confusedly, without the introduction of the judge and the secretary.

Chronicle of the trial

The court of Moskovsky district of Minsk.
Judge Motyl Tatiana Yaroslavovna.
The secretary of the trial – assistant judge M.A. Krakasevich.
The lawyer is absent (she was not informed about the session at 15:00).
Stanislava Gusakova
participates in the meeting through Skype, is in the isolation center on Akrestino.

The meeting is open.

Survey of Stanislava (name, date and place of birth, place of residence, marital status, place of work).
Applications and petitions.
Stanislava asks to provide yesterday’s lawyer.
Judge: The lawyer does not communicate.
The judge offered a free lawyer.
Stanislava refused.
The session continued.

Judge: Previous protocol was returned, was the new one introduced?
Stanislava: Yes.
Protocol on the placement of information about the march on August 29 in the fem-chat.
The message is read out.
Accusation: Stanislava allowed public calls for mass events.

Judge: Do you plead guilty?
Stanislava: I did not know that the event was not agreed.
Judge: Did you specify?
Stanislava: No, I didn’t specify, I didn’t take into account that the permission was necessary. I found out the information about the march online.
Judge: There is a printout of a page with the text and date of the message sent.
They list the documents to the case.
Stanislava makes a remark that the examination in her apartment was conducted without her.
She asks the court to give her a fine because she is unemployed, but she has savings.
Judge: How do you feel about what you have done?
Stanislava: I am sorry that I did not check the information.

The judge is leaving room to make a decision.

The judge comes back and starts to read the decision.

She started to read out one from yesterday, apologized and started reading the decision for September 9.

The court makes a decision on administrative arrest for 11 days.

The session was closed.