Our programs

Our programs

Academy the First, a set of trainings on leadership for young people in youth organizations. It is a long-term program with the objective of providing associated youth activists with the expertise on efficient work within non-governmental organizations, project management, organizational development and fundraising, active citizenship and leadership, human rights and democracy.

Renewed Academy of the First is a long-term educational program directed towards improvement of the potential of Belarusian youth organizations and initiatives.

Program’s format: 2 people from each organization/initiative, who take part in the program, attend educational sessions, meet and get online guidance from experienced mentors, carry out assignments on their own, broadcast acquired knowledge and negotiate future action with members of their organization/initiative.

RADA MARKET is a convenient platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and inspiration.
The event has beneficial nature and combines Free Market (a place for free exchange of things and services), Youth Fair (area of youth organizations and initiatives) along with lectures, workshops, film screenings, food court and music program throughout the event.

Main goals of the Volunteer Fest are on promotion of youth involvement in activity of non-profit organizations and initiatives as well as on creation of the positive image for volunteering among young generation.
During all day young people visit organizations and initiatives, get acquainted with their work and assist in preparation of events. In the meantime, participants aren’t just able to find out existing youth organizations and initiatives, but also get a closer look at their activities and discuss further ways of cooperation.

RADA FORUM is a two-days conference on youth, youth policy, youth organizations and initiatives in Belarus.

The Forum brings together representatives and spokeswomen of youth organizations, academic community and international institutions. The participants of the Forum discuss various aspects of work in youth organizations and their level of impact on the youth policy, as well as the main challenges and tendencies, which exist in the youth sector.
RADA FORUM is a platform for new acquaintances and installations of future partnerships in the youth field

Youth Policy Academy is an educational program for young people on youth policy development and youth participation. Aiming at actualizing youth policy in Belarus, RADA launched the Academy, which comprised seminars and open events “Youth cafes” on European and Belarusian formation of youth policy, youth participation in decision-making, political activism, advocacy and lobbying for youth rights and interests.

Youth Cafes is one of numerous RADA’s initiatives in public sphere aiming at promoting issues inportant for young people in Belarus. It is an open public space for young people and experts to share expertise, ideas and thoughts, to gain new knowledge and address concerns. The topics of Youth Cafes range from European youth policy, youth rights and protection of personal data in the Internet to PR-campaigns.

The national youth prize RADA AWARDS is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to young people of Belarus for their valuable contribution to the creation of future in which Belarusians live in freedom and dignity!

The Award was founded by the Belarusian National Youth Council “RADA” in 2016 and is awarded to outstanding young activists and initiatives annually. Laureates are chosen by various civic solidarity organizations which are the experts and professionals in their sector.

In its research work on youth issues, advocacy and lobbying for youth rights, RADA is preparing a shadow report on the state of youth in Belarus and organizing advocacy campaigns.

Seeking for reliable knowledge and data on youth policy, mechanisms of youth participation, the state of youth in Belarus, problems faced by youth organizations and young people, their needs and realities, RADA decided to start its own research and investigation of the youth policy and youth issues. At this stage, RADA presents two Chapters of the Report “Review of Youth Policy and Youth Participation”, which cover youth policy in Belarus and youth participation.

International events and programs are unique opportunities for the member organizations provided by RADA in cooperation with its international partners from Sweden, Turkey, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Myanmar. Among the implemented programs are “Advocacy Conference: Creating Space for Youth” in Zimbabwe, meetings of “Global Youth Network” in Kenya, “Youth Cooperation Initiative”, “Summer Academy”, “Partner Exchange Meetings” and many others.

Global Youth Network is a unique multi-cultural program, which provides a great chance for young people of Belarus to be a Youth Ambassador for one year and represent Belarus in different international meetings, meet young ambassadors from around the world, share experiences and knowledge and develop a work plan full of activities to be realized in Belarus. Launched in Kenya in 2014, the Global Youth Network has already gained its popularity and success among young Belarusians and it continues in 2016 with a first meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

Youth Cooperation Initiative, a program, which creates a possibility for youth NGOs from different countries around the world to realize ideas together. Do you have a brilliant idea? Do you want to implement a project together with other young activists from another country; Youth Cooperation Initiative is for you! YCI is a valuable tool for youth NGOs from different countries and continents aiming at establishing international cooperation and implementing youth social projects.