About us

About us

About RADA

Belarusian National Youth Council “RADA” is a voluntary union of 40 youth organizations, being created with the purpose of consolidating of youth organizations and initiatives of Belarus. “RADA” operates in the areas of representation, promotion and defending common interests and freedoms of youth organizations and young people of Belarus.

Unfortunately, because of the political situation in the country and restrictions imposed by the state on the freedom of association, the Belarusian National Youth Council was liquidated in 2006 by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus. Since then RADA has been operating underground as many other youth organizations and activists repressed by the authorities.

RADA pursues to the following objectives:

  • Contribute to sustainable development of RADA’s member organizations through educational programs and collaborative work;
  • Increase capacity of the member organizations and RADA in research work on youth issues, advocacy and lobbying for youth rights, youth participation in developing youth policy and strengthening the role of the youth civil society organizations in the political life of Belarus;
  • Provide information on youth issues and youth rights at local, national, European and international levels;
  • Strengthen cooperation between the Belarusian youth civil society organizations and European structures and international organizations;
  • Enhance the sustainability of democratic structures of RADA and improved management capabilities.

In between the General Assemblies of RADA, the operation of the Youth Council is coordinated by the Board, composed of elected representatives of the member organizations of RADA.