Statement of the BNYC “RADA” in connection with the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Statement of the BNYC “RADA” in connection with the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

We, the union of thirty three democratic youth organizations of Belarus, being created to consolidate youth organizations and initiatives of Belarus for representation, promotion, and defending common interests, exercising the right to freedoms of association and other constitutional rights, represented by the Governing Body – the Board of “RADA,” make the following statement:

Our sympathies go out to the Turkish and Syrian youth and the people of these countries for the natural disasters that have occurred. Our thoughts and support to the families of the dead and wounded, as well as to our colleagues and friends.

On February 6, several powerful earthquakes struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. Thousands have been confirmed dead, and the death toll is rising by the hour. Thousands of refugees and the communities that have hosted them for nearly 12 years have been affected.  

The earthquake destroyed people’s homes and local infrastructure – people need basic necessities and shelter. 

Volunteers teams are working on the ground, assessing needs and providing assistance. They are counting on the international community to help families affected by this disaster.

Due to the current situation, we:

  • Call on other national youth councils to support those affected – #earthquaketurkiye.
  • Call for help to volunteer_young people on the ground to provide needed assistance to those affected – you can refer to the resources below:

Red Cross

The Red Cross in Turkey and Syria, called the Red Crescent, deployed teams in both countries and provided hot meals and drinks, collected and shipped blood to the impacted areas, and provided psychological support to victims. Additionally the Red Crescent in Turkey is deploying tents and blankets to support the injured and evacuated. In Syria, the organization supports search and rescue operations, provides first aid, performs emergency medical evacuations, and transports wounded people to hospitals. To donate specifically to the recent international earthquakes, the Red Cross asks donors to write “Turkiye (Turkey) earthquake” in the memo line of a check and mail it with a completed donation form to the Red Cross address on the form or to their local Red Cross chapter.

The Turkish Embassy and Turkish Consulates

The Turkish Embassy and Turkish Consulates are accepting in-kind assistance. Those interested are asked to send donations of blankets, tents, sleeping bags, pocket warmers, winter clothing, and over-the-counter medications for flu, cold, and painkillers to the Turkish Embassy and Turkish Consulates.

Save the Children

Save the Children, the international youth humanitarian group, is also working to support children in Turkey and Syria. Click here to donate.

Direct Relief 

Direct Relief is a group of humanitarian assistance that provides health services to people affected by poverty or emergencies. The organization is providing medical supplies from its facilities in the US and Europe for Turkey and Syria. Donate here.