Hey, how’s it going? Participating Organizations of RADA-CAMP 2017 tell us about their achievements

Hey, how’s it going? Participating Organizations of RADA-CAMP 2017 tell us about their achievements

Each year Еducational summer RADA-CAMP gathers representatives of RADA’s friend organizations in order to get to know each other, share experience, discuss topical problems and determine the directions of further cooperation. The youth work became one of the main topics of the Summer Camp, which was held from 15 to 21 July 2017. And social projects aimed at promotion of the organizations and their communication with young people acted as the main result of RADA CAMP.

Half a year after we approached the participants with the only question: How is it going?

Belarusian Students’ Association (BSA or ZBS): about their media, cooperation with the “Living Library” and Wandering Sketchbook

ZBS continues the issue of the newspaper “Student thoughts” (in print and electronic versions). However, since February 2018 the newspaper exists exclusively in digital space.

«Belarus still has no student media. We are going to occupy this niche by publishing Belarusian and international student news, original analytical materials, event previews, entertaining texts, – ZBS says. – We are not continuing issuing the print version of the newspaper. We will use the name “Student thoughts” for a student-youth news digital portal. And, thus, we will be able to focus all our attention on the development of portal rather than working on both print and electronic version, as it was until now.”

We should also note a successful cooperation between ZBS and “Living Library”. Their partnership became an inspiration for new journalistic materials (you can find interviews with the “books” in October and November issues of the “Student thoughts”) and the joint project – Wandering Sketchbook. ZBS and “Living Library” released the Sketchbook in the beginning of current school year. Everybody can leave a comment in the Sketchbook connected with the topic “How is it – to be a Belarusian student?”. According to the conditions, each person has 3 days to fill it in. After all the blank pages come to their end, the organizers expect to arrange a presentation.

Here you can join the ZBS team, catch the Wandering Sketchbook and also follow the other activities of ZBS and “Living Library”:

zbsunion.by — website of Belarusian Students’ Association (BSA or ZBS),
https://www.facebook.com/zbsunion/ — ZBS in Facebook,
https://vk.com/zbsunion — ZBS in Vkontakte.

humanlibrary.by — website of «Living Library»,
https://www.facebook.com/humanlibraryby — «Living Library»in Facebook,
https://vk.com/humanlibraryby – «Living Library»in Vkontakte.

YPA «Historica» launched a website and became widely recognized!

Youth Public Association “Historica” has updated and relaunched the website – historica.by. «Now the website gives a complete picture about the directions and possibilities of the Organization’s activity as well as shares the contacts and other relevant information with potential partners and volunteers,” – “Historica” comments.

Working in online and offline regimes (“Historica” organizes the meetings of “Minsk History Club”, holds master classes, presentations and Youth showrooms), the Organization established the partnership with public campaign “General plan for Minsk citizens”, Association «Deutscher Verbraucher Verein e.V.», regional activists (Korelichi and Shchuchyn areas, cultural center” Cultivator ” in Lyptuny) and universities (BSU and BNTU).

Are you interested in history and reconstruction? Fond of travelling and volunteering? In that case, don’t miss the updated website, join the communities in social networks and get involved into the projects!

historica.by — website of “Historica”,
https://www.facebook.com/myhistorica/ — “Historica” in facebook,
https://vk.com/historica — “Historica” in Vkontakte.

Vitebsk4Me creates a map for students

The map “Vitebsk for students” is not only about where to eat and where to go. Due to the project, Vitebsk students can learn about useful objects, services and facilities, independent public initiatives and important city events. At the same time, Vitebsk organizations got a chance to tell about themselves and attract young people.

The map is distributed by volunteers of Vitebsk4Me. But where? You can find out here:

https://www.facebook.com/vitebsk4me/ — Vitebsk4Me in Facebook,
https://vk.com/vitebsk4me — Vitebsk4Me in Vkontakte,
vitebsk4.me — website Vitebsk4Me.

With passion and interest, RADA continues to follow the development of the projects originated during RADA-CAMP 2017.

Your success is our inspiration, dear friends!