Outcomes of RADA FORUM 2017

Outcomes of RADA FORUM 2017

RADA FORUM 2017 took place on December 16-17 and aimed to strengthen cooperation and solidarity in the youth sector to influence the decision-making process in the interests of youth.

On the first day of the forum participants:

  • got to know the basics of youth policy and the history of the youth movement in Belarus;
  • discussed current trends and situation in the sector of youth organizations;
  • got to know examples of active youth participation and influence on decision-making in the interests of young people;
  • learned how to establish cooperation with local authorities and business actors;
  • established contacts and worked out ideas for cooperation;
  • learned how to become more visible in the media space.

One of the important objectives of RADA FORUM 2017 was to coordinate the strategic priorities for areas of influence in regards to decision-making, as well as to agree on the values and principles of cooperation within the youth sector.

The second day of the forum was fully devoted to the achievement of these objectives. The need for priority setting for the next 2 years was announced by the RADA’s member organizations during the preparation of the event. This need was indicated due to the fact that in the sector of independent youth organizations there is a lack of an agreed vision on many priority areas for joint action and cooperation.

“RADA” assumes responsibility for the maintenance and support of the work of initiative groups, information support, access to expertise on the relevant topics, holding the training that satisfy the needs for these topics, facilitating meetings and group work, providing logistical and technical support to the initiative groups. “RADA” also provide a possibility for other interested stakeholders to join the work of initiative groups.

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