Youth Lublin Triangle Forum

Youth Lublin Triangle Forum

Are you ready for the first Youth Lublin Triangle Forum? 

After the successful presentation of the “Youth Lublin Triangle: study of the potential” we decided to turn our idea into reality. That is why “Public Diplomacy Platform” launches the first Youth Lublin Triangle Forum together with 4 National Youth Councils from Poland (PROM), Lithuania (Lijot), Belarus (RADA) and Ukraine (NYCU). 

The main topic of the Forum is: “Youth Lublin Triangle: to be or not to be?”.

Counting on your active participation, we aim:

  • to discuss the creation of the Youth Lublin Triangle
  • to understand what are the main deliverables and goals of YLT
  • to set up working groups on the main topics of YLT


9th and 10th of April

Stay tuned for more information and let’s make it happen! 

The Forum is realized by “Public Diplomacy Platform”, PROM, Lijot, RADA, NYCU in partnership and with generous support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine.