International cooperation

International cooperation

In the middle of February, the BelarusIan National Youth Council “RADA” visited with working meetings of colleagues from the British and Irish National Youth Councils, representatives of the human rights organization Amnesty International and the Stonewall organization which is engaged in protection of LGBT rights.


RADA and Amnesty International representatives discussed the issues of participation of young people in the company for abolition of death penalty in Belarus, teaching human rights, general tendencies of the situation of young people’s rights in Europe.


Issues of equality and non-discrimination among LGBT youth in Britain and Belarus were discussed at the meeting with the Stonewall organization.


Besides, within the framework of cooperation with the British and Irish National Youth Councils a plan of further implementation of the resolution initiated by RADA and adopted within the framework of the European Youth Forum, which concerns the topic of shrinking space for youth organizations, was developed, as well as the universal periodic report of young people to the UN Human Rights Council, which RADA will present in April this year in Geneva.

More info about Resolution here.