“Volunteer festival 2019” was held

“Volunteer festival 2019” was held

On August 25, the 2019 volunteer festival was held!


15 organizations and initiatives, more than 100 volunteers and guests!


Association of Belarusian students, teenjob initiative, Kalilaska, TEART international forum for theater arts, Animalex center for animal protection, volunteer movement for the protection of a Military cemetery, Kanikuli e. V., Ethnouso – media library for ethnographyHuman Library Belarus, Youth for sustainable development in Belarus, “Children’s active rehabilitation”, “Republic of Sun”, “Meridian of hope”, PlaStforma: Forum of Experimental Physical Theaters – thank you for being with us!

Cult.center KORPUS, The Second Floor – thank You for supporting all the ideas! Without you, nothing would have happened!

Belarusian national platform, Youth debate “Diskut”, March baby, ProGender project – thank you for the debate “Diskut at the Volunteer festival”. Together we discussed important topics and arranged a discussion that raised serious questions.

Thank you Serg Kuznetsov for the photo! Look for them here.